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Air Duct / Dryer Vent Cleaning in Delaware & Maryland

Air Duct Cleaning

We use the Ram Air Clear View Duct Cleaning System. This system uses the blower in your unit combined with agitation and compressed air. The air hose with the patented air ball is inserted into each arm of the air duct at each air duct register opening, and is snaked through the length of each air duct arm down to the main trunk line. As the air ball is knocking debris from the sides of the duct, the debris is being blown back to our vacuum where it is immediately removed. The register opening is covered with The Clear View box which allows us and You to see exactly what is being removed from your system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We use a rotating brush cleaning system to clean your dryer vent. The brush is inserted into the dryer vent in the wall or floor behind the dryer, or through the open vent on the outside of your home. It is snaked through the length of the vent, removing dangerous lint buildup.

If we are unable to remove a clog from your dryer vent with the brush, we will gain access to the vent through your basement, garage, etc. and manually remove the clog.

A Family You Can Trust, Experience You Can Rely On